COVID19: Scientists mull withdrawal of AstraZeneca jab

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Some scientists advising the government on coronavirus have expressed grave concern over AstraZeneca in the country’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout, arguing the vaccine should be withdrawn.

Government advisors convened on Tuesday night following the death of a 39-year-old British from blood clotting days after receiving the AZ jab.

The proposal to introduce an age limit for AZ is still on the table, as scientists could not come to a unanimous decision.

But scientists have sent their individual views on Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou, giving him the final say.

The recent death of the British woman and another four serious incidents of thrombosis possibly linked to the COVID-19 vaccine has concerned scientists.

Under investigation in the case of a woman, 40, who was admitted to the hospital after a serious blood clotting incident.

Both cases were detected two weeks after the two women had taken their first AZ jab.

Health authorities also looked into their medical background, with doctors believing a link to the vaccine is highly probable.

Scientists acknowledge the public has lost trust in the AZ jab, and authorities should take all possible measures to eliminate any risks, no matter how small.

Several committee members argued that the vaccine should remain in Cyprus’ arsenal against COVID-19, but the public has a right to choose their vaccine.

Regarding people who have already taken the first dose of AZ’s vaccine, scientists argued that people should be given information on the risks, stressing that any complications caused by the vaccine appear within two weeks of the first dose.