COVID19: Changes to Vaccination Portal bookings

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To improve the smoother operation of the Covid-19 Vaccination Portal, the Deputy Ministry of Innovation announced a new process of booking vaccine appointments.

Only one person will now be able to arrange an appointment for each beneficiary from Wednesday.

This change to the process prevents the system from being overloaded with requests, which has seen it crash in recent weeks.

The representative must enter into the system the beneficiary’s personal information for whom they intend to arrange an appointment.

It can be done at any time before or on the day of the designated age group.

1. What changes on May 5?

As of Wednesday, May 5, 2021, only one person will arrange a vaccination appointment for each beneficiary.

2. What options will be available?

The system will offer the following options: 1. Personal Appointment Arrangement, 2. Add Delegation, as follows:

3. Is the representative appointed by the beneficiary?

No, the appointment of a beneficiary’s representative through the Portal is made by the representative, to whom the beneficiary wishes to entrust their personal information. Specifically, the representative connects to the system and enters the person’s personal information for whom they wish to arrange a vaccination appointment.

4. When can a person be appointed as a representative?

The representative can be appointed either on the day before the scheduled vaccination appointments open for that beneficiary’s age group or during that specific day.

5. What information is required?

The representative, after logging in, selects the “Add Delegation” option and enters the following information of the beneficiary for whom they intend to arrange an appointment: First Name and Last Name – as stated in the declared identification document – Identification Document Type, Identification Document Number, Date of Birth, and selects: “Verify Beneficiary and Proceed”.

They select the Beneficiary’s District and enter the contact details and the Mobile Phone they wish to receive a confirmation message (SMS), and select “Add Delegation”.

The same process can be followed for more than one beneficiaries, for whom the representative intends to arrange a vaccination appointment.

Requests for one or more beneficiaries from the representative are displayed in the Vaccination Portal as follows. To arrange an appointment, the representative selects the option “Book an appointment” from the column “Actions” when the Vaccination Portal is available for the beneficiary’s age group.

The system displays the beneficiary’s information, and after checking their validity, the representative selects “Verify Beneficiary & Proceed”.

Then select a Vaccination Centre and a vaccination appointment by following the same process.

The representative can arrange a vaccination appointment when the Vaccination Portal is available for the beneficiary’s age group.

6. Can one person be appointed for more than one beneficiary?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of beneficiaries for whom a person can be appointed as a representative.

7. How can a representative be changed?

The beneficiary’s representative must remove the appointment request of a specific beneficiary for it to be arranged either by the beneficiary or another representative.

Upon entering the Portal, the person sees the Delegations Management page. The change is made by selecting the option “Remove” from the column “Actions”.

8. If the representative fails to arrange the appointment, can the beneficiary try again?

Yes, provided the representative who has initially registered the beneficiary removes the request from the system. Only then will another person be able to arrange an appointment.

9. How will the appointment be confirmed?

In all cases, whether the beneficiary or the representative arranges the appointment, the beneficiary will receive an SMS confirmation message on the registered mobile number and electronic confirmation in PDF format that is issued automatically.

10. Will the GP still be able to arrange an appointment?

Voluntarily and at the beneficiary’s request, the personal doctor will be able to arrange an appointment, provided the beneficiary has no other representative.

11. Will the 1474 call centre be able to arrange appointments?

No, the 1474 call centre will no longer be able to arrange appointments. However, it will be able to cancel an appointment arranged by the beneficiary or their representative.