Cyprus international ICT companies join forces

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To promote the island as an ideal destination for international ICT companies and provide support for foreign investors, the Cyprus Tech Association has been established.

The Cyprus Tech Association provides a platform for all international ICT companies established in Cyprus to address common challenges.

The Association also formally represents its members at forums and provides direction on key strategic issues, such as the sector’s economic importance and policy advocacy.

Also, the Cyprus Tech Association acts as a bridge of communication with world-class technology centres, strengthening the country’s efforts to become an attractive investment destination for foreign investors and a competitive business centre.

The Association’s board represents major international ICT firms operating in Cyprus, such as Kyriakos Kyriakou, General Manager at NCR, Yiannis Tinis, Head of Amdocs, Valentinos Polykarpou, Global HR Operations & Services of Wargaming, Avi Sela, CEO of eToro, Nick Galea, founder and CEO of 3CX.

Kyriakos Kyriakou, Chair of the Board of Directors, extended his appreciation to Invest Cyprus for the initiative and for appointing him.

“I am confident that everyone joining this Association will contribute with excitement and eagerness to support the goals of our newly-established initiative.

“Our vision is to make Cyprus an ideal destination for international ICT companies. I am positive that we can achieve it,” said Kyriakou.

Vice President Yiannis Tinis, said: “I am confident the Association will direct all its efforts towards increasing the number of international businesses that choose Cyprus, attract direct investment to the country and support businesses already operating in the country; I very much look forward to the success of the Association.”

Avi Sela said: “Representing a big Fintech company in Israel that chose to expand its European operations in Cyprus, I see great potential in the ICT sector.

The establishment of the Cyprus Tech Association will allow us to promote and discuss potential challenges and support companies looking to relocate to Cyprus, promoting the development of the country’s ecosystem.”

The Head of ICT Headquartering Unit at Invest Cyprus, Marios Tanousis, said establishing international ICT companies on the island is a top strategic priority.

“We stand ready to help existing investors overcome challenges and successfully scale up their operations while at the same time assisting new companies in relocating to Cyprus.”

Invest Cyprus is a government agency dedicated to attract and facilitate foreign direct investment into the country.