ICT market to be worth €850 mln by 2025

According to research, the value of the Cypriot ICT market reached €781 million in 2022, showing an annual growth of 4.7%, while the IT market (excluding telecommunications) was valued at €302 million,

More ICT capital needed for growth

Although Cyprus, research and development investment has risen during the last decade, data shows that the R&D expenditure as a percentage of GDP is the lowest in the EU. Moreover, the disinvestment

Cyprus international ICT companies join forces

To promote the island as an ideal destination for international ICT companies and provide support for foreign investors, the Cyprus Tech Association has been established. The Cyprus Tech Association provides a platform

Just 2 in 10 women employed in ICT

Women in Cyprus and the European Union are virtually absent from jobs related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as less than two in 10 employed in the industry are female. According