Cyprus reports Turkey airspace violations

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Cyprus has reported Turkey to the United Nations for violating its airspace and infringing its Flight Information Region (FIR).

Cyprus Permanent Representative to the United Nations Andreas Hadjichrysanthou sent two documents to the UN Secretary-General recording airspace violations and infringements of international air traffic regulations by Turkey in January.

Hadjichrysanthou said: “It is regrettable international civil aviation continues to be faced with a situation where one of its members of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), namely Turkey, does not observe fundamental provisions of the Convention on International Civil Aviation and its annexes, causing potential risks for international air navigation”.

“Turkey continues to systematically harass civilian and military aircraft within the Nicosia flight information region with radio calls, while the secessionist…purports to issue notices to airmen relating to exercises conducted by the Turkish Air Force”.

The Cypriot diplomat said Turkey’s actions aim to undermine the sovereignty of Cyprus, consolidate the ongoing de facto division of the island, and attempt to upgrade the status of the occupied north.

“There is only one Cypriot State, which is the Republic of Cyprus.

“The Republic of Cyprus is the sole internationally recognized State responsible for the provision of air traffic services within the Nicosia flight information region in its entirety”.

Hadjichrysanthou said the ICAO recognizes only the Republic of Cyprus and its Government as the sole representative of the whole island.

“And the airports located in the occupied area of Cyprus are illegal. Consequently, their activity is null, void and operationally not taken into account by international air navigation and the civil aviation community”. (source CNA)