British Bases donate over €48,000 to cancer charities

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Two cheques totalling €48,119 on Tuesday were presented to the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society and the One Dream, One Wish charity organisation by Bases Administrator Major General Rob Thomson.

The money, which will help cancer patients, was raised at the annual Sovereign Base Areas Police Cycle Challenge in October last year.

Covering 153 Kilometres from one side of the island to the other, the challenge supported by the Republic of Cyprus First Lady Andri Anastasiades saw police officers cycle alongside military personnel to raise money for the charities.

Major General Thomson, who also took part in the event, said: “It was an incredible day in support of two such worthy causes.

“I am delighted that I am now finally able to present this much-needed money which will help so many people who are suffering from this terrible illness.

“I look forward to taking part in the next cycle challenge later in the year when I hope COVID measures will allow even more people to participate.”

Police Chief Constable Chris Eyre, a keen cyclist and started the challenge in 2019, added: “The SBA Police is overwhelmed with the response we had, and the money raised.

“We take pride in the close bond forged between the force and the local community, and this fundraising effort was another great example of that. We shall continue the good work and support those in need”.

Betty Antoniadou, from the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society, thanked all those involved in raising such a large amount of money.

“I am once again overwhelmed that people have shown their sensitivity and offered to help fellow humans.

“On behalf of the Cyprus anti-cancer association, I would like to thank the British Bases…cyclists, local communities, and private companies that supported the organisation and contributed in the financial support of the Association’s relief services”.

George Penintaex, from One Dream, One Wish, also expressed his sincere gratitude for the fundraising.

“It takes great effort to make children suffering from different types of cancer, wish come true. All our children and their families express their gratitude for the financial support”.

The next Sovereign Base Areas Police Cycle Challenge is due to take place in October this year.