Final snowfall as Cyprus waits for spring to set in

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Cyprus is enjoying what is probably its last winter spell before spring sets in, with the Troodos mountains seeing their last snowfall and temperatures taking a dive of more than 10 degrees from Tuesday.

Following a brief summer spell with temperatures rising to 26 degrees Celsius in previous days, Cypriots woke up to chilling weather on Wednesday as temperatures are expected to reach 17 ֯C inland, three degrees below the average for late March.

A webcam operated by Kitas Weather near the landmark Jubilee Hotel showed steady snowfall.

Speaking to the Financial Mirror, a Met Office official said Cyprus will be leaving the hot weather behind as temperatures on Wednesday are not expected to rise above 17C inland, and 18֯ C on the coast. The Troodos mountains will see temperatures of 8C.

On Wednesday night, temperatures will drop to 9֯C inland and near-freezing in the mountains.

For Thursday and Friday, Cyprus will continue to be colder than usual, with daily temperatures of 14C, falling to 6C at night. Top temperatures in the mountains are not expected to exceed 8C until the weekend.

The mountains could see more snow on Thursday and Friday, but this will stop on Saturday when the weather starts warming up.

The outlook forecasts warmer spring-like weather from the weekend with the weather feeling relatively balmy at around 20 degrees Celsius.

However, temperatures next week are likely to remain below 20C, as of Monday.

Meanwhile, police on Wednesday warned motorists to be careful, drive at low speed and keep a distance from other vehicles in the mountains due to snow and ice on the roads.

Roads leading to Troodos square are open only to vehicles with snow chains and four-wheel drive, while the following roads are slippery due to light snowfall:

Kakopetria – Pinewood – Pedoulas

Pedoulas – Prodromos

Prodromos – Platres