COVID19: Cyprus vaccinations reach people aged 66

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Cyprus’ Vaccination Portal opened Saturday for appointments for citizens aged 66 and over; within the first hour, 6,270 slots from 8.934 available were already taken, the Health Ministry said.

The Portal will remain open until Sunday at 1900, and appointments are available at all inoculation centres.

Scientists have urged the public to get vaccinated against COVID and not be picky about which vaccine they prefer.

All appointments for AstraZeneca shots cancelled this week are rescheduled for 22 -23 March.

A total of 129,438 inoculations took place in Cyprus, 93,475 with the first dose and 35,963 with the second.

Some 1,491 people from the vulnerable groups got the jab, 207 persons were vaccinated at home.

Only 107 incidents of vaccine side-effects were reported until March 17, and eight of them were serious.

Over half (66) were side effects reported following the vaccination with Pfizer, 40 with AstraZeneca and one with Moderna.

Some 82,623 people received the Pfizer shot, 40,771 AstraZeneca and 4,389 the Moderna.

Dr Christos Petrou, an advisor to the Health Ministry, said that there had been misinformation about the efficacy of the vaccines and the technologies used.