COVID19: Limassol has highest rate of police fines

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In the last 24 hours, Limassol incurred the highest percentage of fines from the number of police checks for coronavirus violations, almost double that of other towns in Cyprus.

The ratio of fines issued to individuals or business owners in relation to police COVID-19 checks reached 2.1% in Limassol, compared to the national average of 1.3%.

In Nicosia, the rate of COVID breaches was 0.99%; in Larnaca, it was 1.7%, Paphos 0.93% and Famagusta 0.81%.

Police have beefed up inspections in Limassol because of spiralling COVID-19 cases there.

Although Cyprus is succeeding in containing the second wave of coronavirus, Limassol infections are soaring, accounting for 70% of all COVID-19 cases, threatening to reverse progress made in recent months.
A police spokesperson told CNA that officers carried out 11,493 checks throughout the island in the last 24 hours ending at 06:00 on Monday.

In Nicosia, the police carried out 2,010 checks fining 20 individuals; in Limassol, there were 3,797 checks and 81 individuals and 2 owners of premises fined; in Larnaca, there were 1,172 checks with 20 fines; in Paphos, 11 individuals and 2 business owners were reported after 1,386 checks.

There were 1,220 police checks in Famagusta, catching 10 individuals.