COVID19: Cyprus conducts 1.3 mln tests, among highest in EU

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Cyprus has one of the highest COVID-19 testing rates in Europe according to its population, as it has conducted nearly 1.3 million coronavirus tests since the start of the Pandemic in March.

In an announcement on Friday, the Health Ministry said that in line with recommendations of the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) to closely monitor the epidemiological situation, it has focused on screening a large part of the population.

Since March to date, a total of 1,287,943 tests (both PCR and rapid antigen tests) have been carried out in Cyprus with 29,636 positive coronavirus cases detected.

The positivity rate currently stands at 2.3%, after recording a significant drop in the past week, the ministry said.

As of January 21, 791,630 laboratory tests were carried out using a molecular test (PCR) with 18,518 cases being detected (positivity rate: 2.34%) while 11,118 positive cases resulted from 458,270 rapid antigen tests (positivity rate: 2.43%).

“Increased laboratory screenings of the population safeguards the other pillars of the pandemic management strategy, that is the timely detection of positive cases, isolation and tracking of their contacts.

“According to the ECDC, increased laboratory surveillance of the population combined with measures to limit social contacts, reduces the likelihood of the virus being transmitted to the community,” said the Health Ministry.