COVID-denier barges into Nicosia General with camera

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Cyprus police are looking into a case of a COVID denier entering Nicosia General Hospital with a camera in an attempt to prove the authorities are lying about the number of patients suffering from COVID-19.

Police confirmed to the Financial Mirror that they are investigating why the man had gone into the hospital at a time when even visits by relatives are not permitted.

“We are in consultation with the Health Ministry over how to handle the case,” said a police source.

A 30-year-old man from Limassol went to Nicosia General on Monday to prove that the substantial number COVID of patients reportedly in hospitals is a “fabrication” of the authorities.

The man transmitted his attempt to ‘uncover the truth’ on social media.

He entered the hospital via the accidents and emergency department and asked where the coronavirus patients are treated.

With the video freezing at certain points, the man allegedly made his way to the intensive care unit for COVID-19 patients.

He then claimed that a nurse had told him that “only one woman was hospitalised ‘or possibly six more’ as he was exiting the hospital.

In a statement to media outlet Philenews, the spokesperson of the State Health Services Organization (OKYPY) Charalambos Charilaou described the incident as “unacceptable” noting that it seems that the instigator is a pandemic denier.

He said the number of COVID patients is announced on a daily and called on whoever has doubts about what is going on in the hospitals to accompany him to the ICUs to get a clear picture of the problem.