COVID puts record Halloumi exports at risk

Cyprus’ flagship halloumi export had its best year in 2020, but demand has crumbled with lockdowns imposed across Europe to combat the second wave of coronavirus crippling the hospitality sector. Dairy farmers

‘Covid-recovery’ needs safer hands

Photo opportunities at the launch of the nationwide vaccination programme this week had four different stories to tell over as many days. And a lesson to be learnt for those who govern,


Christmas without the trimmings

For many, this Christmas will be a subdued affair with a sizeable percentage of households opting not to mix as coronavirus looms large over the festivities. This is usually the time of


Budget defeat setback for COVID recovery plan

Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides on Friday said parliament’s 2021 budget rejection came at the worst possible time, putting the brakes on government fast-tracking economic recovery from COVID-19. Although the government is preparing

Walking the yard in prison COVID

Christmas is going to feel more like a siege of the human spirit rather than a festive fun bath with family and friends all giving and living to the max. Incredulously, there

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