Vet Services issue COVID pills for cats

Unused human COVID-19 medicine for cats infected by feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) has been approved by the Council of Veterinary Medicinal Products. The pharmaceuticals are available by appointment at the District Veterinary


Summer viruses, COVID burden hospitals

State hospitals, especially those in coastal towns, are under pressure as they are coping with a steep increase in emergency cases of seasonal viruses and food poisoning while COVID is returning. Cases

Vets get a handle on cat COVID

Cyprus’ veterinarians have set up a working group to probe rising deaths amongst the cat population from Feline Coronavirus amid EU and UK concerns the killer disease could spread. Earlier reports claimed


Cyprus exceeding pre-COVID connectivity

The European air connectivity report reveals incomplete and imbalanced recovery, pointing to systemic changes in the aviation market, although Cyprus is among the few doing better post-pandemic. ACI EUROPE Monday published the


Respiratory infections spike squeezes health system

State hospital wards are full of older people with respiratory infections, while emergency rooms are overwhelmed with patients, said the health service. In comments to Phileleftheros daily, the state health services OKYPY’s

Government failed to make COVID grade

Cypriots’ trust in government reached rock bottom during the pandemic, as they were disappointed with authorities’ response to coronavirus. According to Eurofound’s latest survey, public trust towards the government during the pandemic

Cyprus economy recovering from COVID

Cyprus’ economy is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, as data shows that GDP in the first nine months has grown faster than expected. According to data released by CyStat, the economy grew

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