Accidents at work rise 0.5%

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Accidents at work increased in 2019, a trend that has continued every year from 2013, bar 2015, according to a Department of Labour Inspection report.

Statistical Analysis of Occupational Accidents 2019 shows an 0.5% increase in the number of accidents reported to the Department of Labour Inspection (12 more).

This follows the large increase in accidents reported during 2015-2017 (up 29.7%).

Last year there was an increase in accidents from 2018 in all key sectors.

The Retail Trade sector had 34 more accidents than last year with a total of 312, then Construction (up 23 to 333), Manufacturing (18 more to 378) and Hotel and Restaurants had 13 more than 2018 taking total to 572.

Despite the small increase in accidents, during 2018-19 there was a decrease in the Frequency Index by 2.8%.

Compared to 2018, there was a 10.35% decline in the Frequency Index in the Construction sector while Hotels – Restaurants and Manufacturing fell by 7.2% and 4.0% respectively.

Limassol had the biggest rise in work-related accidents up by 9.1% while Paphos saw a 4% decrease.

In all economic activities, a large percentage of accidents, 28%, compared to 26.9% in 2018, were due to a fall.

This percentages in the construction sector was a high 40.5% from 36.8% in 2018.