Tourists can pay for Napa sunbeds with credit card

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Beachgoers in Ayia Napa no longer need to fumble for change as they will be able to pay for their umbrella and sunbed using a credit card from next summer.

According to an announcement, Ayia Napa Municipality offering services at local beaches had been giving visitors the option of credit card payment in a pilot program to test how it works and resolve any technical issues.

Ayia Napa Mayor Christos Zannettos described the move as “particularly positive” saying, “the goal of the municipality of Ayia Napa is for all beaches to provide this possibility of payment from the summer of 2021.”

Ayia Napa Municipality’s policy is in line with a law passed in August which sees Cyprus businesses legally obligated to accept payments with plastic money if they want to avoid being slapped with a hefty fine by the tax authorities.

According to legislation approved by Parliament, people or businesses engaging in economic activity must accept payments with credit cards in addition to cash.

The legislation was drawn up by the Finance Ministry in an effort to encourage electronic payments and enhance tax control.

Demand for seamless payments has increased with the outbreak of coronavirus as people are more reluctant to make payments with cash due to health concerns.