More Cypriots recruited to British Bases police

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British Bases police welcomed 17 new Cypriot recruits to the force this week after they took the official oath of service during a ceremony in Dhekelia.

The recruits – 15 Greek Cypriots and two Turkish Cypriots – will now begin an intensive two-year training period where they will be schooled on all aspects of policing, including spending time working with more experienced officers.

Bases Police has now welcomed 46 new officers to its ranks in 2020 and according to Chief Inspector Maria Atalioti, who headed up the process, the police continue to only employ the best of the best.

“It was a rigorous, demanding and challenging recruitment process, clearly aimed to allow us to identify and recruit the very best and most suitable people for the job.

Throughout the process, we ensured fairness, integrity and transparency and we are delighted to welcome those successful candidates into our SBA Police force and family.”

PC Georgia Grigoriou, from Larnaca, is one of those recruits and the 31-year-old explained why she was so happy to be starting her new career.

“I always admired the excellent services and prestige of the SBA Police and I feel honoured and excited that I am part of this force.

“It was a great achievement and I am really proud of myself.  It is not considered to be a job but a duty.”

PC Firat Azaerler, 29, who is from Famagusta, revealed that policing was in his blood.

“I joined the SBA Police because my father was a policeman and I have always dreamt of being one too. I’ve always wanted to be part of this beautiful family and environment.

“It is a very exciting and refreshing feeling that makes me proud for myself that I finally did it. I am looking forward to seeing the next stages of my career now.”