COVID19: Visitors to Larnaca Bishopric need to get tested

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Cyprus Health Ministry called on churchgoers who visited the Larnaca Bishopric between 14-18 September to get tested for COVID-19 at a state facility, after a cluster formed among members of staff including Bishop Nektarios.

The Health Ministry on Monday urged people who have visited the Kition Bishopric to call the hotline 1412, stating the nature of their contact with the staff there.

People deemed as contacts of the positive cases will be given an appointment to be tested at a hospital microbiological lab.

Last week, it emerged that two staff members of Larnaca district’s Kition Bishopric had tested positive for the coronavirus, while reportedly, Larnaca Bishop Nektarios also contracted the virus from them.

All three were quarantined for 14-days.

Larnaca Bishop Nektarios had, reportedly, come into contact with one of the positive cases and had initially tested negative, but a second test proved positive.

He recently had contact with the Bishop of Tamassos Isaiah, who decided to self-isolate and was to be tested but the result was not made known.