COVID19: Median age of Cyprus cases is 31

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The average age of COVID-19 cases in Cyprus remains relatively young at 31 since July, according to the latest epidemiological infographic bulletin issued by the Health Ministry.

The low median age of cases is attributed to the fact that people aged between 18-40 are more likely to move around and have more contacts.

This prompted health services to launch a 5,000 random testing scheme focused on this age group, earlier in the month.

Since 1 July, the majority of cases (80%) have been among the 18-59 age group with a mean age of 31, it has gone up slightly from 30 in August.

The latest report prepared by the Ministry’s Epidemiological Surveillance Unit with data until September 17 noted that of 1,559 COVID-19 cases since the outbreak in March, 1,369 (89.5%) have recovered.

Cyprus has performed 39,218.9 per 100,000 population, a higher rate than most EU countries.