COVID19: Cyprus reaches 1,600 cases amid local clusters scare

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Cyprus reported ten new cases of SARS-CoV-2 on Sunday, following a roller-coaster week that saw daily infections spiral among a few clusters, as a complacent society started ignoring social distancing and basic health care rules, raising the total infections to date to 1,600.

However, the ministry of health issued a warning of caution as two of the ten results that came back positive from the 2,164 samples, are not responding to the government’s contact tracing calls and cannot be reached.

COVID-19 cases in the Republic of Cyprus surged on Saturday with 25 new infections, triple the previous day’s seven while local clusters are growing, including Cypriot top-flight club Nea Salamina and cases linked to UK travel.

The Health Ministry initially said there were 15 coronavirus cases, but added another ten later on Saturday night after results came in from tests at Larnaca club Nea Salamina where a player was found positive on Friday. In all, 59 samples were taken from club staff and players, while Nea Salamina’s forthcoming games have been postponed.

On Sunday, health officials said that contact tracing procedures were underway among players and officials of other football clubs within Nea Salamina’s in including Ayia Napa FC and Enosi Neon Paralimni, with the latter club getting the all-clear and allowed to continue with its championship obligations.

One of Sunday’s new Covid-19 cases showed symptoms and underwent a test, while another had recently returned from the U.K. and had acute muscle aches. Three more were linked to a family cluster announced on Friday, while another was found through contact tracing, linked to a case announced on Saturday.

Another person had also recently arrived from the U.K., on Wednesday, September 16. One more person is linked to a family cluster that has so far reached nine people, while another took the test before being told of being positive.

Two more cases were travel related. One was a Russian, permanent resident of Cyprus who returned on Friday and was symptomatic, while another was an Indian national, who returned to Cyprus via Germany on Saturday and was also asymptomatic.

The health ministry said that six patients are currently being treated at the reference hospital of Famagusta General, one of whom in intensive care. One more patient is still being treated at Nicosia General, but is no longer using a respirator.