Larnaca statues will call you with their story

2 mins read

Ever wondered what stories historical statues would tell you if they were able to talk?

Soon seven statues in Larnaca will come to life to tell visitors their story thanks to an initiative launched by the Larnaca Tourism Board (LTB) and supported by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

“If you have ever walked around central Larnaca and stopped to admire the historical statues, you may have wondered what they would say if they could talk!

Each one of the stone incarnations has an interesting and unique story to tell and they will soon be able to recount it ‘personally’ thanks to the innovative Larnaca Storytelling Statues,” LTB said on its website.

The statues will become interactive through a sightseeing initiative that works with visitors using a QR code placed on seven monuments of significant historical figures.

Once you have scanned the code with a mobile device, you can select your language from English or Greek, and the statue then ‘calls’ you up to tell you their story.

The seven statues are dotted around the town centre and the main Phinikoudes seafront promenade.

There is Zenon of Kition (three different statues of the founder of the Stoic school of Philosophy – born 334BC); the bust of General Kimon (5th century BC), Apollonios of Kition (ancient physician of the Empiric school of thought); Cypriot painter Michalis Kashalos, and the Winged Lion of Venice – a gift from Venice to mark the twinning of the two cities.

The novel project is expected to come to life in September.