COVID19: Cyprus cases dip back into single figures

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Cypriot health authorities reported eight new Covid-19 infections on Tuesday, falling back into single figures after a spike in infections in recent weeks while tests reached a record high.

Among the new cases, three had a travel history and one was a footballer for topflight Cypriot club Ethnikos Achna.

The eight infections were diagnosed after 4,315 tests, the highest number of daily tests carried out since the outbreak of the virus in early March.

The Ministry of Health said the new cases diagnosed Tuesday bring the total number of Covid-19 infections to 1,359.

One new case was diagnosed after 139 samples taken through contact tracing, while another case was diagnosed after 2,199 tests carried out on arrivals at the airport.

One case was diagnosed after 770 tests conducted in the context of random testing of 10,000 persons.

Two additional cases were diagnosed after 169 tests as part of referrals from GPs, while the remaining three were diagnosed after 855 tests carried out after private initiative.

One was a football player and the other two had a recent travel history (the UK and Morocco).

They came to Cyprus with negative tests but turned positive after repeating the test several days later.

Both had no symptoms.

Furthermore, no new cases were diagnosed following 101 tests at the crossing points and 82 tests conducted by the Microbiological Labs of General Hospitals.

Of the two patients treated at COVID-19 referral hospital Famagusta General, one person has been transferred to the Nicosia General Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and connected to a ventilator.