BEIRUT: Cyprus sends 70 tonnes of aid to Lebanon

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After Cypriot authorities launched a campaign to meet the immediate needs of the Lebanese people following the deadly blast in Beirut,  70 tonnes of humanitarian aid were sent from Cyprus on Tuesday onboard a Greek military ship.

Chief of the National Guard and the Commissioner for Volunteerism Organizations were present as 70 tonnes of food was loaded on board of “Ikaria” vessel, that docked earlier on Tuesday morning in Limassol.

The aid was collected after a campaign coordinated by the Office of the Commissioner for Volunteerism, in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry.

Food collected was transferred to Limassol port by the National Guard and the help of Civil Defence.

Commissioner for Volunteerism Yiannis Yiannaki said that 70 tonnes of food, along with medical and other equipment were loaded on the Greek ship and the aid is expected to reach Lebanon Wednesday to be delivered to those in need.

Aid was collected by 15 National Guard trucks from all towns in Cyprus.

“People have demonstrated their humanitarian sensitivities and the collection of aid continues,” Yiannaki said.

“We ought to be proud as Cypriots because once more we stood by the side of our neighbours when they needed us most.”

The items collected were based on real needs on the ground, such as canned foods, cereals, nuts and crackers, general purpose flour and milk powder for children.

The food collection campaign will continue until August 14.