New biometric Cyprus passports, ID card backlog

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Cyprus will be introducing a new generation of biometric passports from 30 July, replacing the older version but people are having to wait for a new ID card.

The Civil Registry and Migration Department announced that people will be able to apply for the new Cyprus EU passports from Thursday.

Older versions will be valid until their expiry date and will not have to be renewed.

Last November, Cyprus commissioned Germany-based Veridos to modernise the island’s nationwide system for biometric data collection, centralized personalization, and issuance of electronic passports, ID cards, and residence permits

Veridos was tasked with bringing Cyprus biometric data collection system up to speed with EU specifications.

The German firm is a provider of integrated identity solutions for governments and public authorities in more than 100 countries.

The Interior Ministry also said there was a backlog in issuing new Cyprus ID cards with those waiting for one advised to phone citizen service centres.

“Regarding IDs, due to technical problems that arose during a system upgrade, it is expected that there will be a delay in their delivery,” the ministry statement said.

“To avoid public inconvenience, those who have applied for an ID card after June 22 are advised to contact the local offices of the District Administration or Citizen Service Centres to be informed about delivery times,” it added.

For those who intend to travel in the coming days, they can contact the Department of Population and Immigration at 22804527 and 22804526 to provide travel documents.