Ministry denies blocking passports probe

The Interior Ministry refutes Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides’ claims that it has obstructed his office’s investigation into Cyprus’ disgraced cash-for-passports scheme. In reply to the auditors’ accusation, the ministry stated that a

A government that keeps on walking

Earlier in the week, President Anastasiades almost admitted he had made mistakes during his 10-year tenure but said his reforms would stand the test of time. He didn’t ponder his political misdemeanours,


More ‘golden passports’ to be revoked

The Cabinet decided to strip citizenship from another 10 individuals, among thousands who benefited from a cash-for-passports scheme which collapsed under accusations of corruption in 2020. Cyprus gave passports to more than

Passport fraud increases at airports

Cases of identity fraud and presentation of fake documents at Cyprus airports passport control have increased since last year, police said. This issue was discussed at police headquarters under the Deputy Chief of

More dodgy passports revoked

The government has decided to revoke another seven golden passports handed out to foreign investors as the Anastasiades administration comes under fire over its connection to suspicious cases. Interior Minister Nicos Nouris

Police busy chasing illegal golden passports

Cyprus police have their hands full with suspect golden passport cases, as the heat is on government officials and politicians who allegedly facilitated dubious foreign investors with Cypriot citizenship. According to reports,

Golden passport scheme ‘rotten until the end’

The Citizenship for Investment scheme was “rotten” to its core, while several actions of government officials could constitute criminal acts, said the Audit Office on Monday. Releasing an almost 200-page dossier containing

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