President refutes ‘racism’ in passports row

President Nicos Anastasiades refuted claims that his cabinet’s decision to revoke 14 Cyprus passports held by Turkish Cypriot officials was racist and a violation of human rights. The President was drawn into

Living in a Cyprus kleptocracy

By Panicos Demetriades Soon after the report on the ‘citizenship by investment’ scheme, fellow economist George Koumoullis convincingly made the case that Cyprus is a kleptocracy – a system of government in


Belated ‘sorry’ over passports debacle

President Nicos Anastasiades gave an overdue apology on Friday for his government’s mistakes and shortcomings in handling the disgraced Cyprus passports for investment scheme. Speaking at the swearing-in of the new cabinet

Punish golden passports crime

Last October, the international broadcaster Al Jazeera released a damning investigative report on how a convicted criminal can obtain a European passport in Cyprus for the right price. The report sent shockwaves

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