COVID19: Cyprus allows outdoor concerts, indoor cinemas

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Under lockdown easing, as of 1 July, Cyprus is allowing open-air concerts while indoor cinemas and theatres will also be able to operate by adhering to social distancing and hygiene rules.

Taking into account current epidemiological indicators and projections on how COVID-19 will evolve, it has been decided that concerts or theatre performances in organised open spaces with predetermined seat arrangements can take place.

Outside concerts and theatre performances can only take place in designated outdoor amphitheatres and no other open space, said the Health Ministry.

The maximum number of people allowed at each venue is calculated on its size and provided that seats are allocated keeping a distance of one metre or two seats between people or groups of friends and family.

This also applies for indoor theatres and cinemas which must apply stricter social distancing in its seating arrangement of two metres apart while allowing families to sit together.

Indoor seating arrangements should be no more than 50% of a venue’s capacity.

All seating areas must be disinfected after each performance or show, while masks must be worn by cinema staff at all times.

Cinemas and theatres can now reopen after nearly four months of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.