COVID19: Cyprus to widen entry to 30 countries

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After reassessing coronavirus data to see from which countries tourists are allowed entry with or without a COVID-19 health certificate after June 19, Cyprus has added France and Lebanon to the list.

With the new additions, Cyprus is set to allow entry to passengers from a total of 30 countries, up from the previous 21.

Reportedly, Cyprus will allow visitors from a larger list of countries as of June 20, when the second stage of relaxing the lockdown at airports begins.

Arrivals from countries in the low-risk Category A can enter without providing a negative COVID-19 test.

According to Phileleftheros daily, scientists advising the government on the coronavirus outbreak has suggested that Category B should include countries such as France, Italy and Belgium.

The scientific committee is expected to present the updated data to President Nicos Anastasiades during a meeting to be held at the Presidential Palace on Saturday.

Anastasiades will also be briefed on the epidemiological data of the past two weeks following operation of the airports.

Phileleftheros quotes sources that have Category A listing more than 20 countries, including newcomers Australia and South Korea.

Category B countries – from which passengers need a health certificate – is to include Belgium, France, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Jordan, the Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates.

Scientist Constantinos Tsioutis said that the committee is reevaluating data from across the globe on a daily basis.

“If we see a sudden increase in cases in a country, its categorization will automatically change. We need to have a daily update of the data.

At present, a list has been prepared, but we have not yet reached a final proposal,” Tsioutis told Phileleftheros.

Regarding Cyprus’ epidemiological data, the professor said, “it is still extremely good, which is an indication that people are still adhering to the measures imposed”.

The current list of approved countries

Category A

Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Croatia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Denmark, Malta, Estonia, Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Switzerland

Category B

Poland, Romania, Israel