COVID19: Cyprus to confirm dates for kindergartens, events, gyms

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Cabinet ministers will meet on Wednesday to give a final decision on the dates when certain areas of the economy can reopen like kindergartens, gyms, and outdoor events.

President Nicos Anastasiades on Tuesday held a meeting with epidemiologists and ministers to be briefed on the latest COVID-19 epidemiological data and suggestions on moving forward with the third and fourth stages out of lockdown.

Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou was also briefed by the COVID-19 advisory team handling the outbreak.

He said that the epidemiological team has given the go-ahead for a number of preschool and kindergarten activities and youth activities such as camping and summer schools.

“The reopening of kindergartens and special schools was a top priority for the ministry, but before giving the green light, they must ensure that all health protocols are in place,” Prodromou said.

He added that special schools are being prepared to open sometime next week.

Reports say that preschools and kindergartens are also to open on 9 June.

The Education Minister said that the Ministry was not unduly concerned over some coronavirus cases detected at schools as the overall epidemiological picture, indicates no reason for alarm.

He argued that “medical data so far shows that the risk of transmission of the virus in kindergartens and nurseries is limited”.

Meanwhile, the government also heard suggestions on lifting restrictions on gyms and swimming pools.

As far as the reopening of gyms is concerned, an action plan will probably be discussed on Saturday before being submitted to the government for approval.

Expert Dr Maria Koliou said the team has recommended a speedy return to normality as the epidemiological data allowed some of the restrictive measures to be relaxed earlier.

“Gyms will open under preconditions. There will be weddings and concerts in 2020, but some time is needed.”

Koliou said the meeting had also addressed the issue of reopening crossing points, following the exchange of views and data at the bicommunal technical committee of health on Monday.