COVID19: British Bases adopt Cyprus relaxation measures

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After the Republic of Cyprus announced that it will begin Phase 2 of relaxing measures relating to the COVID-19 outbreak, the British Bases confirm it is following suit.

The latest relaxation of measures in the Bases, as in the Republic of Cyprus, will see greater freedom of movement, with a requirement for SMS approval, Forms A and B and curfews, being removed altogether.

It will also see the re-opening of many other businesses operating within the SBAs.

Commander British Forces Cyprus and SBA Administrator, Major General Rob Thomson, said: “The easing of measures, which began on May 4, has so far proved successful in containing this virus and it is important that, as the Republic of Cyprus moves into its second phase, our Administration remains in step, not only in the battle against COVID-19 but also in trying to restore some kind of normality for all those living and working on this wonderful island.

“As we move into the next phase, we must continue to remain vigilant. We must continue to respect social distancing and we must all pay even greater attention to our social disciplines, such as washing our hands regularly and respecting the measures that remain in place.”

The Bases, working in tandem with the Ministry of Health and other governmental departments, successfully implemented lockdown measures throughout the SBAs in March and have so far only had 12 members of its community test positive for COVID-19.