Charlie Charalambous

No cure for COVID travel sickness

EU leaders will congregate in Brussels next week in a socially distanced fashion to take stock of the COVID-19 pandemic, China, digital transformation, and relations with Turkey. Any way you slice it,


Big Mike throws a Cyprus curveball

Contrary to belief, the universe does revolve around Cyprus, I don’t how it came to this, but you won’t discover the reason using quantum physics. Soon after I warned that Cyprus could


COVID19: Mask on, mask off

While our attention strayed to escalating brinkmanship in the East Med as Turkey plays pirates of the Aegean there was a worrying turn of events closer to home where COVID-19 remains the


When only the sirens weep for Cyprus

When the political mood music is sirens disrupting the morning air to remind us of a dark tragedy that remains unresolved 46 years on it should serve as more than a wake-up


Cyprus co-stars in Cold War redux

If you look very closely, underneath the sheen of a modern European Cyprus there is the remnant of a Cold War legacy that could quickly come back into focus as the world

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