Charlie Charalambous

Christmas without the trimmings

For many, this Christmas will be a subdued affair with a sizeable percentage of households opting not to mix as coronavirus looms large over the festivities. This is usually the time of


MPs fiddle while Cyprus burns

Politicians showed true Christmas spirit in not allowing the government to have a budget or spend more money on the COVID-struck fledgeling national health service. Communists AKEL were suddenly concerned about the


Walking the yard in prison COVID

Christmas is going to feel more like a siege of the human spirit rather than a festive fun bath with family and friends all giving and living to the max. Incredulously, there


Diego’s last dance

There can be no part of planet earth untouched by the passing of footballing superhero and all-round national icon Diego Armando Maradona. The great Argentinian transcends every sport and social strata, a

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