Charlie Charalambous

Government losing argument over Astrazeneca

COVID cases going in the wrong direction since lockdown measures were eased leaves the government in a quandary about what happens next. With the education system going back to class, the hospitality


Why Cyprus will cherish sofagate

Cyprus has the thankless task of trying to persuade Europe that Turkey is a regional bullyboy which cannot be trusted no matter how important the country strategically. Nicosia often sounds like the


Political snakes and ladders

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that the President’s approval ratings have slid down the popularity ladder faster than a snake sheds its skin. Asking Cypriots what they think about


Crossing the trust bridge to Geneva

In a world where optimism is in shorter supply than a COVID-19 vaccine, it seems almost masochistic to believe that anything positive can come out of the UN-hosted Cyprus conference to be


Sorry for laughing

In Cyprus, nothing is worth laughing for yet everything around us is hilarious. Politicians take themselves super seriously, even though they are short on substance while overstocked with weak excuses. Our dysfunctional

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