Even Pinnochio couldn’t fix this

Like the wave of incompetence that swept across our passports-for-cash scheme, nobody believed they would get caught playing fast and loose with the rules. There were rumblings from far-off Europe about giving


Liar, liar pants on fire

Cyprus has proven this week that its strategic location makes it an invaluable partner and friend in the region, even if it likes to cut financial corners. During the week, Britain evacuated


Cultural blowout

As the government was scrambling to clean the dirt of its muddied reputation for sanction busting, the deputy minister for culture was blowing out candles of a different kind. Deputy Minister for


Thriving in the chaos

Although you can predict greedy banks hiking interest rates and overcharging customers while denying savers a chance to reap some rewards, the life of a Premier League manager is much more fluid.


Putting out the fire with petrol

There is a tendency in Cyprus to ignore that resolving social ills are the stitches that enable politics to work. Dogma and theories present wishful thinking of what should be, but reality


Veni, Vidi, Vici

We go on holiday for different reasons at different times of the year to recharge our batteries and escape the daily routine. Some want to get away as far as possible where


A hazardous Cyprus peace odyssey

A senior UN diplomat arrived on the island this week to bolster morale and offer words of support from the secretary general. On her first visit to Cyprus, UN Under-Secretary-General Rosemary DiCarlo


Going silent on gender equality

International Women’s Day in Cyprus is championed with such fervour as if there is collective guilt about all the things we are not putting right. Everyone in the political arena wheeled out

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