COVID19: Cyprus & Israel join forces to fight virus

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Cyprus and Israel have agreed on the exchange of treatment methods and protocols between their national coronavirus centres to fight the deadly virus.

In a joint statement, Cyprus Minister of Health, Constantinos Ioannou, and Israeli Ambassador  Shmuel Revel said their close neighbourly ties and the telephone conversations between the Heads of State opened the door to significant cooperation to combat the threat of COVID-19.

“The successful partnership between the two countries in the health field, significant in normal times, is even more vital in this time of emergency,” said the statement.

An important first step, the two officials said, is the exchange of treatment methods and protocols between the Sheba Medical Centre and the Famagusta General Hospital– as well as with Nicosia General Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

“Through a joint effort and Israeli logistical assistance, 5 tons of API Chloroquine was imported from India. Together with existing stocks, this joint effort will ensure that we will have at our disposal very important quantities of Chloroquine needed for patients in Cyprus and in Israel”.

Ioannou and Revel said that as the two countries “continue to face substantial challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, we will continue to explore every possibility to further enhance the cooperation between our countries”.