COVID19: Gender and smoking don’t seem to be factors

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There is no serious gender divide of COVID-19 cases in Cyprus while smoking habits do not seem to be a determining factor on whether a person will be infected by the virus or not.

According to the latest data, the disease does not seem to distinguish between male and female members of the society, as 51% of cases are men and 49% women, although the death rate is much higher among men.

Meanwhile, the majority of patients are non-smokers as they make up for 79% of all cases.

The ministry clarified that as regards the smoking habits, the figures concern only 182 cases for which it has information.

The Health Ministry has updated infographics on the spread of COVID-19 in Cyprus that look at the geographical distribution, age group and smoking status among other parameters, with data from March 7 to April 4.

Cyprus saw a total of 440 cases until 4 April, out of which 21 (4.8%) were hospitalised at Intensive Care Units at hospitals.

Out of those hospitalised, 14 patients died. Authorities, however, under a new methodology adopted, registered just nine with COVID-19 as the cause of death.

Some 5% of cases were aged 0-17, 64% of cases were recorded in the age group 18-59, while 30% belonging to the age group 60+. The median age of cases was 49.

The Health Ministry also said that for every 100,000 population 1159.3 tests were carried out.

For the first time, the infographics included data which reveals the percentage of cases involving smokers, without clarifying if there is a connection.

Cases treated in hospital ICUs dropped since 1 April, when a record 58 cases were also announced, from 13 to 9 on 4 April.

Regarding the number of cases compared to their population, Aradippou a village in Larnaca comes top with 260.4 cases for every 100,000 population. The village has some 20,000 inhabitants.

Aradippou is followed by Paphos with 69.1 for every 100,000, and Larnaca 63.9 cases, Famagusta is fourth with 35.3, followed by Nicosia with 30.4. Limassol is last with 9.8.