COVID19: Cyprus police remain on high alert

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Cyprus Police remain fully operational and in a state of high alert to ensure that everyone complies with government restrictions to contain the spread of coronavirus, Chief of Police Kypros Michaelides told CNA.

He said that additional policing measures are being taken in areas where increased cases of the virus are being recorded and incidents of disobedience are being observed, these include the capital Nicosia and clusters in Paphos and Aradippou.

He said policing of the measures was assessed during a teleconference held on Monday with the Police leadership and divisional commanders.

Michaelides said the teleconference dealt with the possibility of citizens becoming complacent in implementing social distancing rules as scientists expressed moderate optimism due to the drop of coronavirus cases on Sunday.

He warned that nothing has changed regarding police checks to ensure compliance with the measures.

“We all feel moderate optimism about the outcome of the situation regarding the pandemic in Cyprus. However, we as Police remain fully operational and on alert”.

He said that measures will not be relaxed warning that there should be no complacency.

“We continue to be at the forefront to ensure and protect the health of our fellow citizens. This situation cannot tolerate complacency», he added.

Most people, he added, have complied with the measures.

Breaking social distancing laws can incur a €300 spot fine or more serious offences if taken to court envisage a maximum jail term of six months and/or €3,000 fine.