COVID19: Police caution 212 people for violating curfew

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Cyprus police carried out 2,558 checks and cautioned 212 people for breaking the COVID-19 stay at home restrictions one the first night of the curfew, authorities said Wednesday.

Police officers were also called on to break up a gathering of 24 people, mostly foreign nationals, in a Larnaca apartment.

Health Minister, Constantinos Ioannou extended free movement restrictions to prohibit gatherings, saying that only permanent residents should be in each home.

According to the police, officers carried out 2558 checks islandwide concerning the stay at home decree overnight booking a total of 212 people.

Nicosia: 1,266 checks, 60 booked

Limassol: 650 checks, 29 booked

Larnaca: 582 checks, 11 booked

Paphos: 210 checks, 14 booked

Famagusta: 270 checks, 4 booked

Morphou: 203 checks, 3 booked

Police will later give a breakdown on how many of the 212 was after 9 pm until 6 am when a curfew is in force for everyone except people working in essential service.

A spokesman said that police had also carried out 1298 checks on-premises and found one coffeeshop operating in violation of the decrees.

All people found to be violating the relative decree were issued on the spot fines which was doubled to €300.