COVID19: Cyprus able to produce enough food

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Cyprus Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis said the island will not go hungry as it can produce the necessary goods in sufficient quantities to meet its needs in basic nutritional foods during the coronavirus crisis.

Kadis had been asked to comment on concerns expressed regarding the continuous and uninterrupted operation of the food supply chain in Cyprus.

Inevitably, he noted, in the midst of this unprecedented pandemic, the possibility of shortages in certain imported products is a likelihood, just as it is in other European countries, as a result of problems occurring in the transport of agricultural products.

He made it clear that no shortage has been observed so far in any products.

However, the World Food Organisation as well as the Italian authorities – the EU member most affected – are seeing problems mainly in the transport of perishable products and in seasonal agricultural human resources rather than shortages in basic goods.

As a result of the weather conditions prevalent in Cyprus, Kadis said, it is “in a position to produce nearly all necessary agricultural products in such quantities that they would meet the population’s needs in basic food products.”

Fruit and vegetables, red and white meat, bread and milk produce of excellent quality as well as fish are available on a daily basis and can be bought without any problems, he argued.

Kadis said his Ministry has to manage the supply of large quantities which are being produced without difficulties, given the closing down of restaurants and restrictions in exports.

Referring to the uncertainty of demand for consumption during the Easter Holidays he noted that efforts are ongoing to export a quantity of livestock to Israel.

Outdoor fruit and vegetable markets were shut down as part of measures to combat the coronavirus outbreak, but this action is under review.