COVID19: Pets left home alone

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Cyprus’ crisis management centre is receiving distress calls from owners who left their pets at home but are stranded abroad due to COVID-19 travel restrictions imposed worldwide.

Some pet owners are calling the crisis centre asking for someone to take care of their pets as they have been left unattended for days now.

A lockdown on free movement also makes it harder for people to attend to pets while the owner is away.

Daily Phileleftheros said the Foreign Ministry’s crisis centre is receiving requests from pet owners who believed that they would only be away a couple of days, left their pets at home.

“We do everything we can to help in such situations,” said an official.

He added that in some cases locksmiths were called in to give access to the property in order to take care of the pets.

He mentioned the case of one British woman who had birds in her apartment and asked for the Centre’s help because she said she would need to be away for some time.

“We get all kinds of requests because people don’t know how long this situation will last. Some people are lonely and want someone just to chat to.”

“Others can’t reach out to their loved ones and we take care of that, while other problems are more substantial like money and medicine requests.”