COVID19: Cyprus Republic cases increase to 75

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The Cyprus Republic has a total of 75 coronavirus cases after the Health Ministry declared eight new infected people on Friday, half of whom are health professionals.

According to the update received by the Cyprus Ministry of Health, the eight new cases of coronavirus were identified through tracing contacts of people already infected.

The Ministry of Health’s Epidemiological Surveillance Unit has already begun tracking the contacts and all eight cases and will proceed with sampling for specialized tests.

Three of the new confirmed cases are health professionals at Paphos General Hospital, another is from the management at Limassol General Hospital and one health professional from a private clinic in Paphos.

Two other positive cases were from a family and the third contracted it from a confirmed case.

Based on this data, the total number of positive cases is 75 (including three identified in the British Bases), of which 45 were detected through contacts.

Divided Cyprus has now registered 108 coronavirus cases after Turkish Cypriot authorities reported 33 people infected in the north.

Cyprus was the last EU country to get coronavirus when its outbreak began on March 9. There have been no recorded deaths.