COVID19: Confirmed case at Limassol General children’s ward

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Protocols have been activated to trace the contacts of a health professional with coronavirus at the Paediatrics Clinic of Limassol General Hospital, Cyprus authorities said Thursday.
The Unit for Surveillance and Control of Communicable Diseases and the State Health Services Organisation (OKYPY) activated the protocol and later shutdown the island’s second largest hospital.
OKYPY said that after a meeting of all parties involved, it was decided to discharge children receiving treatment at the Paediatric Clinic who have not been in contact with the health professional.
The children’s contacts from 13-16 March will be traced to find out if they have been in contact with the health professional. OKYPY said that children usually only suffer mild coronavirus symptoms.
There will be no admissions at the Limassol General Paediatrics Unit until further notice and all appointments will be cancelled while the situation is evaluated. Samples are being taken from those fulfilling the protocol criteria and who are deemed close contacts and are now under self-isolation. The area will be deep cleaned while visitors will not be allowed.
OKYPY also announced that a member of the team of managers at Limassol General is suspected of having coronavirus.
The member was relieved of his duties and all relevant protocols were activated, a statement said.
OKYPY called on everyone to act responsibly and follow the Health Ministry’s instructions to protect everyone’s health.