COVID19: British military in step with Cyprus to combat virus

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British Forces Cyprus assured they have aligned with the measures introduced by Nicosia to counter the spread of novel coronavirus with the Administrator of the Bases, Major General Rob Thomson saying the two sides are “in step.”

Major General Thomson met Cyprus Foreign and Health Ministry officials to discuss the Coronavirus outbreak.

“We shared our perspectives on the threat presented by coronavirus and how we are responding.  We agreed that we are ‘in step’,” he said.

Major General Thomson said they discussed the measures that are being imposed on the British bases and in the Republic to best protect the residents.

“We are keeping all measures under constant review.  We have committed to continuous dialogue, cooperation and coordination to ensure coherence of effort and consistency of approach in dealing with this situation.”

A spokesperson for the British Bases said that they are working closely with the Republic of Cyprus to combat the coronavirus outbreak and to protect the community.

“The safety of our people is our top priority. We have aligned with the measures introduced by the Republic including on social distancing and prohibiting public gatherings, the closure of shops, gyms, cinemas and restaurants; cancelling all non-operational activity and exercises, visits and sporting events.” the spokesperson said.

All MOD schools in Cyprus will also now close at the end of the school day on Wednesday, 18 March, until Monday 20 April at the end of the Easter School holidays.

“We have also banned all but the most essential operational and family travel into RAF Akrotiri.  All arrivals are medically screened on arrival and undergo a compulsory 14-day isolation period.

All of our people displaying symptoms are being tested. Our aim is to look after our people, whether in uniform or not,” the spokesperson said.

The Bases, on Sunday, confirmed two British armed forces personnel have contracted the virus.