Climate Law should be a priority

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Adoption of a Climate Law, proposed by the European Commission “should be a priority” and will send a clear message to the international community that the EU leads in tackling climate change, said Agriculture and Environment Minister Costas Kadis.

in his speech at the EU Environment Council held in Brussels, the Minister recalled that “for Cyprus, it is of great importance that the particularities of the island states should also be recognised”.

The Commission’s proposal for climate law, climate change, the New European Green Deal and the tools that will facilitate its implementation, along with the Fair Transition Mechanism to tackle the social impacts that may occur toward climate neutrality in 2050, were the main focus of the summit.

In his intervention, Kadis “the Commission’s law proposal will lay down the mechanisms through which other EU policies will contribute to climate neutrality by 2050.”

The Council also adopted conclusions on the need to improve the institutional framework for air quality issues.

EU Environment Ministers recognised the need to achieve a higher level of protection of human health and the environment from air pollution.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Presidency gave climate activist Greta Thunberg an opportunity to address the Council on behalf of the Movement she represents and to present her views and recommendations.