Did you feel the earth move?

Cypriots are used to the ground beneath them shaking as the island is situated within an active seismic zone, which means earthquakes are common. They are usually quick rumbles that nobody notices,


Changing environment for banks

The pandemic has caused new turmoil and highlighted the ongoing concerns within the European Authorities about the Union’s banking system. The turmoil accelerated the reassessment and upgrading of the operating rules of


Circular Economy redefining production

It is now generally accepted that 2021 has officially signalled a new era for humanity and business. An era dedicated to Sustainability and Sustainable Development as compliance with the United Nations Agenda

Climate change damaging our health

The disastrous impact of climate change on human health was highlighted in the second Ronald Ross lecture by Sir Professor Andrew Haines, who called for concerted action from scientists, policymakers and practitioners

Cyprus to host UN environment summit

Cyprus will host in October 2022 the 9th Ministerial Summit for the Environment and Sustainable Development Education of the UN’s Economic and Financial Committee. A briefing meeting about the Summit took place

No price tag on fire response

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said it bluntly: “Implementation, implementation, implementation.” That is what Cyprus must do immediately to alleviate the pain of the 80 or so households, farms and