‘Solar systems for all’ to launch

The Finance and Energy Ministries have approved a grant scheme, “Photovoltaics for all”, encouraging homeowners to install solar systems on their roofs. With the latest scheme promoted by the government, any homeowner

Towards a Net-Zero Industry

The dawn of a new era for the industry might be in sight as the world is now entering an era of green production through the application of clean technologies. It’s about

Higher education must widen horizons

The University of Cyprus Rector Tasos Christofides was re-elected this week, unopposed, to a second four-year term and laid his next priority to elevate the state institution to an international level. This


UN eco conference among biggest hosted in Cyprus

The 9th UNECE Ministerial Conference for the Environment for Europe on 5-7 October is probably the largest high-level summit ever hosted in Cyprus, said Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou. He and fellow Agriculture

Did you feel the earth move?

Cypriots are used to the ground beneath them shaking as the island is situated within an active seismic zone, which means earthquakes are common. They are usually quick rumbles that nobody notices,


Changing environment for banks

The pandemic has caused new turmoil and highlighted the ongoing concerns within the European Authorities about the Union’s banking system. The turmoil accelerated the reassessment and upgrading of the operating rules of

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