73% of Cypriot firms use social media

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Cyprus comes fourth top in the EU for the number of enterprises (73%) that are using social media, well above the European average of 50%.

More and more enterprises in the EU are using social media. In 2019, one in two enterprises reported that they were using at least one type of social media, which means an increase of 16 percentage points since 2014 (34%).

The use of social media was most popular among enterprises in Malta (84%), followed by Denmark (75%), the Netherlands (74%), Cyprus (73%), Sweden (72%), Belgium, Ireland and Finland (all 71%).

It was less popular among enterprises in Romania (33%), Bulgaria (34%), Poland (37%), Hungary (38%), Latvia (41%) and Slovakia (42%).

Denmark and Luxemburg reported the highest increase in social media use, the lowest increase was in Bulgaria

Compared with 2014, the percentage of enterprises using social media has risen across all EU Member States with available data.

The highest increases were recorded in Denmark and Luxemburg (26 pp both), followed by Finland (25 pp), Sweden (24 pp) and Latvia (22 pp). In Cyprus, it had risen by 21 pp since 2014 when the ratio was 52%.

The lowest increases were observed in Bulgaria (6 pp), Ireland, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia (all 11 pp).

Enterprises were asked about the use of the following types of social media: social networks, blog or microblogs, multimedia content sharing websites, wiki-based knowledge-sharing tools.