Cyprus treats new suspected coronavirus case

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Cyprus is treating a suspected case of coronavirus after a passenger travelling from China through Moscow displayed symptoms of the disease after arriving at Larnaca airport, health authorities said Monday.

Officials said the person was screened at the airport according to Health Ministry protocol and taken to an isolation ward at a hospital in the capital Nicosia until her test results come through.

“Protocols established…were activated and the patient was taken to Nicosia General Hospital for further investigation,” said a Cyprus Health Ministry statement.

The woman, a resident of Cyprus, visited China two weeks ago and arrived at Larnaca airport – via Moscow – complaining of high temperature and other symptoms connected to the coronavirus, said the Cyprus News Agency.

It said there were 85 passengers and crew on the same flight.

“Aircraft crew and passengers who came into close contact with the patient and considered high risk if the incident is confirmed were carefully screened…and given specific recommendations for self-monitoring,” said the ministry statement.

The Health Ministry took contact details of all the passengers on the aircraft “who were informed about the precautionary measures to be taken for the next 14 days”.

“Pending the results of the tests and, if positive, the protocols for the transfer of high-risk passengers in isolation to a specially designed space…will be activated,” it added.

Other people who travelled to China with the woman, will also be screened as a precaution.

Last month Cyprus treated its first suspected case of coronavirus after a Chinese man developed tell-tale symptoms after returning to the island from China. It later turned out to be a false alarm.

Cyprus has had no confirmed cases of coronavirus since the outbreak spread from outside China.