Cyprus leaders to increase cooperation on coronavirus

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Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci agreed that they need to increase their cooperation in taking all necessary measures to provide the maximum possible protection to Cypriots from coronavirus.

The two leaders chaired a meeting of the Bicommunal Technical Committee on Health on Monday over growing concern and the dangers related with the spread of the coronavirus.

Anastasiades said: “It was jointly agreed that we need to increase our cooperation so as to take all necessary measures to provide the maximum possible protection to the Cypriot people, Greek and Turkish Cypriot.”

He added: “The moral lesson is that despite the differences that we might have or even divergent views on issues we cannot ignore dangers or events which take no notice of who is stronger or weaker and force us to jointly unite powers and act together.”

In a joint statement, the Committee said all necessary precautions have been taken by both sides in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), including screening.

“The members of the Committee agreed to remain in close contact, exchanging information between the two communities and providing assistance, as deemed necessary,” the statement said.

The Technical Committee on Health has “successfully collaborated on similar health emergencies in the past”.