Cyprus Mari explosion takes its toll on industry in August

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The explosion at Mari naval base on July 11 that knocked out the main power station and led to four weeks of power cuts took its toll on industrial production in August, which fell by 12.0% compared with August 2010.
Industrial production includes output of electricity. The manufacturing subsector in August fared less badly than overall industry, recording a decrease of 5.1% compared with August 2010.
In the period January – August 2011 the industrial production index recorded a decrease of 5.8% compared with the same period of the previous year.
Meanwhile, industrial output prices index for September reached 132.7 (base 2005=100), recording an increase of 1.0% compared with August 2011.
Manufacturing output prices rose by 0.1% compared with August 2011.
For the period January-September 2011 the industrial output prices index showed an increase of 4.7% compared with the corresponding period of the previous year