Millions worth of cheap RES wasted

Approximately €8 mln worth of cheap energy produced by Renewable Energy Sources will be rejected by the island’s grid by the end of the year, as it cannot handle the excess load,

Recovering minerals from mine waste

New technology can enable the economic recovery of important metals from mining waste created decades ago, improving resource efficiency, and contributing to CO2 reduction while facilitating the rehabilitation of abandoned mine sites


Cypriots more aware of food waste

Cypriot consumers appear more willing to try out or adopt new habits to reduce food waste, according to an online survey. The 9th online food waste poll was conducted within an awareness-raising campaign

Corruption turns wine into waste

The government could not have given a poorer excuse for its shortcomings and fall from grace than when it claimed parliament blocking the 2021 budget would “jeopardise welfare and development” spending. What