Shock and awe of energy war

Ukraine’s decision on 11 May to stop some Russian gas flows to Europe has sent shivers down the markets. This happened at an entry point on Ukraine’s eastern border called Sokhranovka, which


Headquartering to mend Ukraine war wounds

Cyprus’ services sector is betting on tax incentives to attract talent and promote headquartering to counter the impacts of the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russian funds and companies. Soon after

Aftershocks of the Ukraine war

The end of the Cold War, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, left a situation based on promises but nothing in writing. East Germany was incorporated into the Federal Republic of


Europeans endorse tough stance on Ukraine war

There is a large consensus among Europeans in favour of the EU’s swift united response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to a Flash Eurobarometer survey. The majority of Europeans think that

Ukraine war may derail public debt

The government aims to reduce public debt to 94% of GDP in 2022, but this target could be affected by the economic crisis, and the war in Ukraine, said Finance Minister Constantinos