Why Ukraine has stalled Russia’s advance

Almost two weeks into the Russian invasion of their country, Ukrainian forces have managed to hold up the advance of their foes with resistance that has won plaudits from Western allies. Analysts

FRANCE: Putin must be convinced to stop the war

No effort should be spared to convince Russia’s Vladimir Putin, to lay down arms and prevent the Ukraine conflict from spreading, said French Ambassador to Cyprus Salina Grenet-Catalano. She told the Cyprus

UK warns Putin could be tried for war crimes

The UK government warned Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his commanders in Ukraine could face prosecution for war crimes and that Western sanctions would remain “for as long as it

Russia-Ukraine war a paradigm shift in diplomacy

According to John Mearsheimer, the eminent American international relations scholar, “what money is to economics, power is to international relations”. Indeed, the two major assumptions/tenets of rationality and maximisation, either of wealth