MPs urged to back justice reform

Justice Minister Emily Yiolitis urged MPs to approve a series of justice reform bills submitted to parliament to avoid Cyprus being tarnished with an ultra-slow legal system. “The justice reform is an

Cyprus wants to push through justice reform

Justice Minister Emily Yiolitis on Wednesday submitted bills to speed up the Cyprus Justice system, urging MPs to vote them in before the House dissolves ahead of the parliamentary elections on 30

Corruption wasn’t born yesterday

It took a veteran politician with 40 years of public service, nearing the end of his second administration, to realise there’s a problem with corruption in Cyprus. Perhaps, the President took a


President to unveil anti-corruption reform package

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades will present in the coming days a package of proposals to aimed at combating corruption in public life by strengthening transparency, accountability, and the justice system. Deputy government

COVID19: Making lemonades from lemons

By Michael R. Czinkota and Michael L. Czinkota The coronavirus is the firing pin for major innovations.  In many educational institutions, less than half of the customary study time is invested in this


Radical reform plan of local government launched

Outgoing Interior Minister Constantinos Petrides presented the government’s plans to reform local government by merging authorities to create 17 greater municipalities. In total 30 municipalities and 48 communities will be merged, creating