Price inflation rose 8.1% in 2022

The Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) rose 8.1% last year compared to 2021, driven by higher energy bills and pump prices. In December alone, the HICP increased by 7.6% compared to


Price hikes in rice, pasta, coffee, milk

Cypriot shoppers are facing more price hikes in pasta, coffee, sugar, rice, and bottled water, according to the observatory of the Commerce Ministry’s Consumer Protection Service. The increase in the cost of

More price rises on essential items

Retailers are warning the public to brace themselves for another wave of price increases on essential goods, as hikes dairy products are next in line. The news comes just a day after

Cyprus price inflation to remain high

The European Commission has praised the Cypriot economy for exceeding expectations during the year’s first quarter while also delivering bad news regarding high inflation. “The Cypriot economy surprised on the upside in