Price hikes in rice, pasta, coffee, milk

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Cypriot shoppers are facing more price hikes in pasta, coffee, sugar, rice, and bottled water, according to the observatory of the Commerce Ministry’s Consumer Protection Service.

The increase in the cost of essential goods, powered by the war in Ukraine and the subsequent energy crisis, has forced producers and retailers to push up prices.

In some cases, a decrease due to the reduced demand led to a jump in price.

Indicatively, the observatory published a list of essential products which have seen their price edge upward.

Prices for 1kg Soleas lentils went up by 13.9%, with the average price rising to €2.59 on 14 September, from €2.44 on 11 August.

An increase of 7.6% is also noted in 3A Rice Parboiled (green packaging) 1Kg, reaching €2.16, from €2.01.

The prices for Mitsides lentils also increased by 6%.

Milk is now 6% more expensive, following recent increases imposed by dairy producers. For example, one litre of Charalambides went from €1.48 to €1.56.

A 14% increase is also noted in Alambra yoghurt 700 g, reaching €3.22, from €2.83.

The price of Feta cheese has also shot up by 15% on average.

A 4.5% increase was recorded in the price of sugar, with the price increasing to €1.17, from €1.11.

Coffee brand Jacobs Gold Selected blend 95 gr saw its price increase by 7.8%.

A six-pack of 1.5 litres of water has increased by an average of 6%.

Large increases are also recorded in pasta, with Barilla Spaghetti No 5, 500 gr sold at 10.6% more expensive than last week.

The observatory also recorded reductions in some product prices, such as vegetables (tomatoes and cucumbers), legumes, eggs, cereals, frozen meat, and gas cylinders.

Inflation in Cyprus increased to 8.9% last month, according to data published by the country’s statistical service, dropping from a 40-year record high of 10.9% in July.