New scooter law unworkable

Last month, a law regulating the use of electric scooters is not expected to have any practical effect, as a lack of infrastructure and communication with the public render legislation redundant. As

US gun law has blood on its hands

With more guns in America than people and ineffective gun laws in a country where it’s harder to get a drink than an automatic weapon, nobody believes the Texas school massacre will


Damaging the law of the land

It’s been a year since the new parliament was elected, and with it a breath of fresh air, as at 36, Annita Demetriou is the first female and youngest member serving as


Building density law stumps development

Real estate and property development contribute to creating job opportunities and the growth of the Cyprus economy. Development is controlled by the existing town planning zones, which set certain factors, such as


Law on motorbikes to tighten

The Transport Ministry is moving to change the law on driving licences for mopeds and motorbikes to reduce road accidents involving motorcyclists. It said a proposal shaped by the road safety council

Government welcomes belated whistleblower law

The government on Friday welcomed MPs approving the bill on protecting people who blow the whistle on corruption after a six-year delay. Implementation of the law is expected to enhance transparency and